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Spirit Knife, Soul Bone

Posted 8 10 14

Spirit Knife, Soul Bone

Postat 2014-10-07

Spirit Knife, Soul Bone
The Ancient Shamanic Art of Extracting Negative Energies
by Crow Swimsaway


Spirit Knife, Soul Bone is the first contemporary book about the ancient and powerful shamanic healing technique known as extraction. Composed by an internationally noted shamanic practitioner, teacher and author, Spirit Knife describes extraction techniques in current use. Stories of extractions from several centuries and many peoples around the world provide important background for modern practices. While reading of powerful healings gained by removing toxic crystals, piercing bones, cutting blades, and--perhaps--malevolent spirits, you can judge whether extraction might aid your own healing.

In Spirit Knife, Soul Bone, sources of destructive intrusions are examined at length.
The chapter "Awareness is Half of Prevention" offers detailed guidelines for avoiding intrusions. Like all the major shamanic healing techniques, extraction is not and has never been self-applied. Still, understanding how extraction works and how necessary it may be, set against the complete portrayal of shamanic healing provided by Spirit Knife,
makes the choices for your own healing safer and more effective.


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