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Haunted by souls in purgatory, or by demons?

Posted 20 4 16

Haunted by souls in purgatory, or by demons?

The opinion from the exorcist Adam Blai...


Human spirit haunting

The three possible conditions of a soul after its personal judgment at the time of death are heaven, hell, or purgatory. Some information about the souls in purgatory is known from the Bible, but also from the lives of the saints. Many stories have been recorded in the book


Purgatory explained by the lives and legends of the saints, by Fr. F. X. Schouppe, S.J. (Nihil Obstat H.M. Bayley, Censor deputatus, Imprimatur, Herbertus Carrd. Vaughan, Archiep. Westmonasterien. Oct. 11, 1893) published by Tan Books.

The soul in purgatory has a certainty about eventually attaining heaven, but also an anxiety about the time until then. Sometimes they are allowed to signal the living that they need prayers, penance, and Masses to speed their time in purgatory. Human spirit manifestations are non-destructive and limited to the communication of a need for help. Human spirits may also be allowed to convey some specific wrong they did that needs to be righted, if there is a specific need beyond general prayer.


Some of the other typical traits of human spirit hauntings are:

Souls in purgatory are non-destructive in their signals.
Souls in purgatory limit their signals to presence or their need for help and in rare cases a particular wrong that has to be righted for them.
Souls in purgatory do not attack religious or holy things.
Souls in purgatory do not make manifestations that are inherently terrifying; they usually limit them to a sound, a word, or a limited movement of objects.
Souls in purgatory become completely still and silent when prayer or Masses are offered for them.
Souls in purgatory do not attack people physically.
Souls in purgatory do not engage in prolonged communication or dialogue.


Some of the typical indications that a human soul in purgatory may be present are sounds of a person walking or pacing, odors that were associated with that person, knocks on the walls, and in cases of suicide a heavy and sad feeling in the area where the suicide occurred. There is almost always a lack of speech on the part of these souls outside of the single phrase “help me” or “yes” in response to the question “do you need prayer?” The souls in purgatory are aware of God’s prohibitions about seeking information from the dead and so would never draw the living into this sin by casual communication beyond a need for help.


Some of the typical traits of demonic infestations are:

Black shadow forms of various sizes. These can be the size of a mouse, a basketball, a   child, an adult, or larger.  They are usually solid forms that cannot be seen through. They sometimes float as a kind of rolling black smoke that does not dissipate, they sometimes   seem to walk, and they can also glide along floors, walls, or ceilings.These are seen full   on and by multiple people at the same time.
Strange noises or voices.  People may hear their names called by members of the household who turn out to not be home. The hearing of voices talking to each other without being able to make out the words is also common. There can be growling or other animal like noises.
Bad odors. These odors are strong and very revolting.  The odor does not dissipate and does not linger where the demon was, it moves with it.
Demonic nightmares. These are persistent and repeating and out of character for the person.They can be stopped by lightly applying holy water to the head before sleep.
Being scratched.
Wounds. Sometimes people are choked or harmed more severely, causing bruises or bleeding.
Sleep deprivation. There is usually sleep deprivation caused by phenomenon happening as the person is going to sleep, or to interrupt their sleep.
Fights and arguments “out of nowhere” that stop when the people leave the house.
Suicidal or homicidal ideation that stops when the people leave the house or room where the problem is.
Attacks on holy symbols or items. Often holy items will be damaged, thrown, moved, or sometimes disappear.


Read in Possession, Exorcism, and Hauntings by Adam Blai




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