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Reversing Evil with Water and the Psalms

Posted 8 5 16

Reversing evil with water and the psalms


You will need privacy to do this spell. Fill a glass halfway up with water. If you have Reversing Oil, add a drop to the water, but it’s okay if you do not. Take a plate and the glass of water to your front door (from inside your home) and place the plate on top of the glass. Holding this in your hands, pray aloud with strong conviction that any and all harm sent to you, your

home, or your family is now “reversed” unto its senders. On the word “reversed,” turn the glass of water and plate upside down so that the water is trapped between the plate and the glass. It is okay if a little bit seeps out. Place the trapped water on the door near the front door. Open your Bible to Psalms 91. Read this aloud while holding a butcher knife in your hand, pointed toward the door. If you have Reversing or Protection Oil, you may anoint the knife. Turn to Psalms I01 and read this aloud as well. (It may help to read these Psalms to yourself beforehand in order to understand what it is about these scriptures that will help defend you and turn negative energy away from yourself, your home, and your loved ones. Use this understanding in order to punctuate where it feels appropriate while praying aloud.) When finished, lay your knife across Psalms 101 with the point facing your door. Place this near the overtumed glass and make sure it remains child- and pet—proof. If this is impossible, the work can be performed at a distance, in a private room, but all gestures and prayers should be made toward the entrance door, with the knife pointed in this direction as well. If you are under serious attack, perform the work for nine days. You may also light candles dressed with Reversing Oil directly on top of the overtumed glass. These could be tea lights or butted and reversed double-action candles. As they bum, affirm and believe that all harm sent toward you, your home, and your family is fully reversed toward its senders. Once you and your loved ones are no longer in harm’s Way, carry the glass and plate to a crossroads and remove the plate from under the glass, spilling the water out and asking the spirit of the crossroads to aid in reversing the harm sent toward yourself and your family. Go home without looking back and thoroughly clean the plate, glass, and knife.                                                                                                                                                                                         Read in Deliverance by Khi Armand   



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