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What do you believe? How many diseases are based on, that an entity is attached to the human energy field and cause physical disease and mental problems?
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Ed and Lorraine Warren

Posted 28 4 15

The Haunted: One Family's Nightmare
by Ed Warren (Author), Lorraine Warren (Author), Robert Curran (Author), Jack Smurl (Author), Janet Smurl (Author)

Demonic activity in a private residence in West Pittston, Pennsylvania. The phenomena at the home of Jack and Janet Smurl at 328 – 330 Chase Street received wide attention in the media, primarily due to the investigations of Ed and Lorrain Warren, lay demonologists. Three exorcisns were performed, but the demon refused to leave. Skeptics said the case was a prank or hoax. The events were the subject of a best-selling book, The Haunted by Robert Curran, and a film by the same title.



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