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Return of the Bird Tribes

Posted 1 5 15

Return of the Bird Tribes
by Ken Carey

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The Bird Tribes

Our strategy now is to allow the organizations of fear to continue to dominate in appearance while we subtly drain away the source of their power "the fear of the people. This will make their final banishment less traumatic for the human family as a whole, for by then, the numbers of those who believe in them will have greatly diminished.

"We have come to initiate the most joyous age this earth has ever known; a thousand-year period of earth healing and renewed harmony that will see the four-leggeds flourish, the two leggeds awaken, the rivers run pure and humankind in conscious exchange with the stars."
" The Great Day of Purification has begun, a short but essential cycle of division that will gather those who promote fear and violence and separate them from this season of the world as chaff is separated from wheat at threshing.
During these next two and half decades, humankind will experience this separation, a transformation in human consciousness more fundamental than the development of language, more significant than the shift to agriculture, more meaningful than any historical revolution. A new era is dawning.
"As the sun rises, the shadows become sharper and more clearly defined. As the energies of love grow stronger, the shadows of fear become more visible than before. To some it may even appear that they have grown in number and in strength, but this is not so. What was hidden has to simply become revealed that it might be healed and brought to peace. "Action born from fear is becoming less effective with each passing day. Institutions, traditions and societies forged in fear have already begun to falter. Change is occuring everywhere, for as the planetary awakening proceeds, the consciousness that determines the quality and nature of life is itself changing."Without the acquisition of another skill, without the acquisition of anything but complete and total trust in God and in yourself, you hve everything you need to interact optimally, creatively and productively with every situation you encounter. There is no exception."I have established the external forces that will divide the fear from the love in human consciousness, banishing the one and redeeming the other.

"I am inviting you to be my agents in this fearful culture that you might do what you can from within to complement the changes I am bringing from without. For I know that there will likely be fearful ones whose physical bodies will not survive the separation between love and fear, but I know also that "There is no reason, no good reason, why even so much as a single human being should disincarnate during this cleavage..."
"I have called you here because you have proven in times past that you can to a high degree, keep your bodies, minds and hearts in harmony with your spirits. I release to you now an invitation to incarnate in these tribes who inhabit the earth, the awakening in human consciousness has begun. Many are now opening to the living information. Your presence would do much to minimize the possible trauma that could occur with the changing of the age."

I remember distinctly.
While it was being explained that what was happening on earth was like the changing of a guard, suddenly the spinning planet, which until now had seemed unremarkable except for the gentle rocking of her seasons, was sprouting an enormous wound. An ominous gray circular cloud rolled toward us with the new day, obscuring the southern portion of the Japanese archipelago. As our vision penetrated beneath, we saw tht it was supported by a black pillar, a turbulent inferno of awesome destruction. With each roll of the earth we could feel raw human terror broadcast upward, rippling through our open hearts in waves of unbridled fear. Then suddenly, rolling toward us from the west, came another. A towering column of dark red, cloud-like substance surrounded an empty void that seemed as impossible in the midst of such chaos as the chaos itself. Immediately we slowed our time perception and zoomed into experience this day. Into a vacuum hole, soil and water and organic life poured, tumbling and boiling, rising into billowing clouds of turbulence that rose almost to touch us.
As far as we could see, all beneath us was inhabited by swirling, sucking whirlpools and shooting balls of random fire, the likes of which I have seen only upon the surface of stars. I will not elaborate. Into those moments we brought eternity. In them, we are still piecing together what justice requires. It is enough to say that on that day we experienced hell. Yet even as we did, we knew what our response to the Great Spirit's invitation would be. Yes, we would incarnate. Yes, the time had come.
The purpose of our incarnations, it was explained, was to begin disrupting the false, underlying premises of the historical state, educating people and gently introducing the truth. "Your role, " our narrator continued, "is to prepare people for the time when the lies that give birth to all fear-centered thinking will be banished forever from human consciousness. Though it may sound strange to you, if human populations are not prepared, it will be much more difficult for them to survive the cleavage, so entwined are the thoughts of fear, not only in their thinking, but even in their very sense of self. We must help them relax with their identitites and stop defining themselves as vulnerable entities.
We were cautioned about the dangers we were likely to encounter in a world still very much under the control of fearful organizations. "The real power,"God explained," is in the love that is strengthening each day during this coming cycle.
Our strategy now is to allow the organizations of fear to continue to dominate in appearance while we subtly drain away the source of their power--the fear of the people. This will make their final banishment less traumatic for the human family as a whole, for by then, the numbers of those who believe in them will have greatly diminished.
.You do this not for your species alone," we were told, "but for yourselves and for all whom your race will influence in the ages to come.
So that the transition might be as easy as possible for those upon the earth, we agreed. Our purpose was, and is to prepare the way for the Creator's awakening and to dissolve in the great love that we have for this blessed planet, the structure of fear that binds human consciousness.
The danger for you who are to incarnate into the fear dynasties of these times,it was pointed out, " is that these structures and the energies that they embody are so very very subconscious that it is possible that as you are born and raised among them, you will forget your very purpose for incarnating. As your generation reaches maturity, I will give you some special assistance to help you remember." Implanted then into the structure of our emotional bodies were nonverbal, timed-released melodies that would help us to awaken even when conscious understanding was far from present. A number of us were musically commissioned and given the role of introducing the trigger melodies. These melodies began being delivered in the 1960's through songs that--though often rather nonsensical on the surface--pulsed with powerful emotional messages of love, hope and joy.
Our generation is now in the position to steward the earth and her resources. Will we foolishly imitate the ways of elder merchants and statesmen who are themselves only aping the ways of feudal lords now thankfully removed from power? Or will we accept the commission to remake our world in the image of love? We are called to organize in this time, not around leaders, ideologies or belief systems, but around love: love for God, love for one another, and love for our sacred world. Those of you who were there with me, remember our circle. It is time to incarnate, to get on with the healing and educational work for which we have come.
The new frontier is consciousness. This blessed world, this third planet from the star we call the sun, needs you and me to become all that she can be. We have an opportunity to bring to her a great gift, a gift for which she has been longing since our raceend first appeared among her dreams. The gift of ourselves. Awakened. Whole. Incarnate. .....*

From "Return of the Bird Tribes" by Ken Carey




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