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The Unquiet Dead

Postat 2015-02-25

The Unquiet Dead: A Psychologist Treats Spirit Possession
by Edith Fiore

Noted psychologist Dr. Edith Fiore explains how to detect spirit possession in yourself and others,  how to protect yourself from entities, how to release your home from displaced spirits, and how to perform a depossession. Filled with shocking case histories.

Problems are caused by spirit possession, describes five case studies, and explains how to protect oneself from earthbound entities.





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Book Review

The Unquiet Dead A Psychologists Treats Spirit Possession by Dr. Edith Fiore presents case studies, symptoms and solutions for spirit release to the light. Dr. Fiore describes the psychological problems that people who are troubled by the earthbound spirit experience and what to do about this condition. Also hypothesized is that most people who are suffering from un-reactionary depression, anxiety, phobias, multiple personality disorder and more psychological illness could be up to 90-95% due to spirit interference and possession. A script for dealing with this issue is presented so that the general public may be able to seek relief from this situation.





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