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Art of Stalking Parallel Perception

Postat 2015-05-16

Art Of Stalking Parallel Perception
The Living Tapestry of Lujan Matus

A magical, in-depth account of extraordinary dream journeys; containing powerful life lessons and encoded information that shakes the foundations of cognition and transports the reader into alternate realms.

‘The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception’ will affect silent cognition within its arrangement, and this will facilitate your reconnection to that energetic heritage which has been denied us through the enslavement of our awareness. Be aware that we are layered within our energetic composure and this resonance will release information in comparison to conscious availability. Be careful not to be waylaid within forced, fixed perceptions that interlace awareness with the environment and may entrap attention externally. Externalization is sustained by internal imprints that feed on emotion and perpetuate a cloaked awareness, which brings perception into the playing field of the mind and creates a linear preoccupation that separates heart from the reality of the moment that is continually escaping us. Linear preoccupation inhibits multi-lateral assimilation, where many things can be known simultaneously, and this fixation is the shadow of what we could be. Through the pressure of socialization we press upon one another with our intentions, and those intentions give rise to interconnective compliance. So let our intentions be of purity. Within pure intentions our hearts await the intensities of a reformulated cognition that will transform our state of awareness, so that we may go beyond the dream we all dream. Fluidly letting go of what one knows is the key to heightened acuity. I now invite you into the art of stalking parallel perception.

This is no ordinary book but an invitation to travel beyond the limitations of present perception and into a genuine sense that within ourselves we carry the potential to transcend the confines of the cognitive systems we have inherited. Lujan Matus is a bearer of ancient shamanic teachings, learnt in the parallel realms of dreaming and waking under the direct tutelage of his benefactor, the old nagual Lujan, and his charismatic cohorts - one of whom is revealed to be the Neolithic sage Juan Matus. The empowering sequence of lessons transmitted within these pages provides unprecedented insight into the intricacies of human existence, whilst simultaneously opening the doors to a universe of mythical proportions. Upon entering this remarkable continuum of events the reader begins to be magically integrated, through the generation of internal imagery that bends the parameters of perception and invariably transforms consciousness itself. These teachings are a crucial reminder that life is a gift of endless potency when reflected in the light of awakened awareness. The clarity and integrity that shines throughout this book cuts right to the marrow in so many ways, and raises such vast questions about the very premise of our existence, that at times the content is alarming. With direct language and an otherworldly understanding of human nature, not to mention interdimensional travel, a non-linear proposition of time, and the elucidation of hieroglyphs that are keys to unlocking awareness, Lujan eclipses the scratching-on-the-surface attempts of those who precede him and extends an invitation unlike any other.


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