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The Bright Light of Death

Postat 2014-10-08

The Bright Light of Death
by Annabel Chaplin


This is an age of broadened horizons of the mind and of the spirit. We are beginning to realize that there are higher dimensions of environment and of experience which
condition our everyday living far more than we have known..
Many people are accepting the truth that there is no death as we have understood that term; that in fact we move out of the physical body into higher dimensions of livingness and awareness. The ancient Egyptians often referred to those living in a physical body as "the entombed," their consciousness shrouded and darkened by the enveloping physical form. I know from my own experience that this is so.


The clarity of mind when one is gaining release from the physical body at the point of death and moving into these higher dimensions of Reality is a shining joy and a great illumination.To be pulled back is a weariness and a sadness at first, but accepted as a part ofthe total life experience. I know surely that one cannot complete that journey until it is
one's time and destiny to do so.Those who do not know that the experience called death is merely a moving througha bright door into a greater and happier Reality are often earthbound.




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