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Guide to the dark side of the Paranormal

Posted 31 10 14

Rosemary Ellen Guiley's

Guide to the Dark Side of the Paranormal


From the author:

My work in the paranormal and metaphysical fields has always embraced both the light and dark sides of experiences and phenomena. It is easy for most people to accept the good and benevolent, and much harder to come to terms with the bad and malevolent. Some even deny the existence of the dark side, perhaps in subconscious hope that they will never encounter it, or, by ignoring it, it will cease to exist.

Many of the inquiries and requests for help that I receive from people concern troubling paranormal issues and problems. The media and religions sensationalize the dark side, and so objective information is hard to find. This collection of articles is an introduction to the shadowy underbelly of the occult, a resource for the casually curious and those involved in paranormal work. I have included some of my own experiences as well. Where appropriate, I have included helpful tips for avoiding and resolving paranormal problems, and increasing protection against paranormal influences.

Table of Contents:
Author’s Note
1 -- The Power of Curses
2 -- Haunted Objects
3 -- Mirrors: Doorways for Spirits
4 -- The House With An Attitude
5 -- Drive-By Demons
6 – The Djinn: Hide in Plain Sight
7 -- Shadow People: Terror in the Bedroom
8 – Skinwalkers:
9 – Doppelgangers: The Shock of Seeing Double
10 – Beware the Ghost Who Calls Your Name
11 -- Dream Invasion
12 -- Sex With Ghosts and Entities
13 -- The Evil Eye: A Killing Look
14 -- Moon Madness: Fact or Lunacy?
15 – Ouija: Good or Bad?
16 -- The Risks of Spirit Bargaining
17 -- Red Flags to Avoid in Paranormal Investigation
18 -- Psychic Protection in Paranormal Investigation
19 -- Men In Black
20 -- Vampire UFOs
Appendix: Getting Help for Dark Side Problems
About the Author


...about Shadow People.





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