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Shamanic diagnosis means that to have the knowledge about
entities and to be able to find out

who or what causes the disorders of diseases or hauntings.

In folklore, there are many different possibilities.
We can start with the unblessed spirit, a person who died and did not find the light and is now wandering around on earth totally unconscious about his own dead. It exists another type of spirit too which is fully aware of his own dead and cannot leave the earth's dimension. Usually the reason of this behaviour is feeling guilty, suicide or other unresolved conflicts! Really complicated it becomes when the unblessed spirit is possessed or
captive by dark forces and gets abused for their case.This folklore has existed in all cultures throughout time and among people of faith most common beliefs.
After the ecclesiastical point of view, it is so that all hauntings have their origin in demonology. In some branches of the church they do belief that human souls could haunt the living!


Those who suck or squeeze out our life energy.
Vampire-like beings has been found in many of the world's cultures.
In the Balkan region they call the vampire "Strigoi".
People describe Strigoi as a lethal sent up by a person who died.
In the Balkans folklore exist an other kind of vampire which called Mora
and is very similar in behaviour to the evil Mara in the Nordic mythology.
The author Snorri Sturluson describes i the book "Edda"
That Mara is as an angry woman skilled in magic and in conclusion called svartalv.
This creature is pitch black, small and pure evil .
Mara/Mora own the ability as shapeshifters. They often appear as fine mist and will enters the body through the nostrils, mouth, ears,
vagina, or other body openings.
Mara has the ability to control his victim's dreams and is able to create horrible nightmares,
day and night! It is also considered that Mara/Mora to be a vampire creature resembled
that get their energy by
squeezing or pressing there victims !















 The Vampire, by Philip Burne-Jones, 1897


If we look a little deeper, there are several summaries
university level with this topic in focus,
For example:
Professor Eva POC,[1] University of Pécs and
Professor Peter Mario Kreuter,[1] University of Bonn
or Professor Jan Louis Perkowski,[1][2] Harvard University

Who has extensive knowledge in vampirism and witness reports.
Their research is detailed and proved.


Beings who have never walked on earth.
Fallen angels ...


One could say that demons are fallen angels who were sent by Satan to destroy those who will inherit salvation.Based on the gifts and abilities the demons have receive from God, they now  try the counteract the will of God on earth. A good explanation of the demons are in St. Augustine's "City of God."

"The classical story of the Fall of the Angels can be summarized as follows:
The first beings God created were angels. Of all the angels created, none was higher than
Lucifer. God created Lucifer in such perfection that he was all but God. Not content with his own being, however, Lucifer sought through envy what was not his. Indeed, Lucifer sought..

Gustave Doré's illustration for Milton's Paradise be God, to negate the existence of God and rule the heaven himself. Thus, the demonic spirit proves to be a negative spirit of possession. Other angels in league with Lucifer participated in the same ruinous desire, “covetousness”: that is, they were willing to forsake the gifts of their being in order to take what was not their own. God’s
supposed response to this cosmic treachery was to banish Lucifer and his legion from Heaven,whereupon these fallen angels swore perpetual disobedience to God.
Lucifer was renamed Satan—the slanderer, the accuser, the Father of Lies. Though fallen from grace, these angels were not depotentiated, but retained all the preternatural—beyond earth—powers given them at creation. These powers essentially consist of immortal existence; mystical knowledge of the universe; and the power to bypass the physical laws of nature, giving them the ability to bring about psychic phenomena and produce synthetic creations. Yet despite their awesome powers, the demonic was restricted from overwhelming man. Instead, the covenant was that God would protect man, if man in turn respected the powers of God."
(Ed Warren 1980/62) [1]

Water Spirits

The Evil Water Spirits.
For example the Neck  also called Nix, Rávgga, Necks, Havsmän, Bäckahästen or Undine
There are several people to tell about an experiences,
about cutbacks under water and such wonderful feelings
that they still feel that longing for.










“Hylas and the Nymphs” (1896) John William Waterhouse



According to the data witches could:

- fly on sticks, animals, demons, or using aerial ointment
- meet the devil and other witches at the "witches-sabbath".
- The pact with the devil
- The intercourse with the devil.
  (in the form of incubus and succubus)
- Harmfully witchcraft.
























Witches going to their Sabbath (1878), by Luis Ricardo Falero


Certainly, the number of living witches with these  attributes restricted nowadays
but some hauntings showing clear signs of witchcraft  is not unusual!
For example  the reality based film "Conjuring" is showing
the family Perron's harmful
visitation of witchcraft.
Based on a book by Andrea Perron
"House of Darkness House of Light"
The couple Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated In the year 1970 paranormal events.








European myths tell about elves who were known to abduct children or adults from their beds. Many stories begins with the victim lying paralysed in bed and being forced to disappearances then they carry or floating the victim to fairyland. Faith and protection ...
Elves are known for their mischief and malice.
Some pranks ascribed to them, as braiding your hair while you are a sleep
steal small items and jewellery or lead a traveller astray, they are generally harmless.

But there are far more dangerous behaviours attributed to fairies.
A sudden death can possibly be forces by a fairy abduction,
Bruisings which come over night without any reason often known as "fairy bruising"is also a dangerous mark. The disease tuberculosis
with the symptom of consumption is also blamed on the fairies. The fairies forcing young men and women to dance at parties every night, they want mot be able to have any sleep and be robed of any energy.
Elves riding on pets such as cows, pigs and ducks that could cause paralysis or mysterious illnesses. In terms of protection: is iron the most famous and can even harm the elves.
Wearing cloth inside out, running water, bells (especially church bells), St. John's words, and a fourleaf clover.











Fairy,,Sophie Gengembre Anderson (1869)


For sure it is interesting that all the superstition usually appears locally
and the science is in the belief that it is a fabrication!
But in popular belief (people's knowledge/folklore)
that tends to be an oral tradition,
people describe in many different cultures
one guise or entity for example Rávgga, Neck or Mara
with character properties
so such a like so must be truth ...

Certainly by every evil there is also a good side existing
but here
we've shamanism, healing and hauntings in focus!



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