What do you believe? How many diseases are based on, that an entity is attached to the human energy field and cause physical disease and mental problems?
Not at all
More than 30%
More than 50%
More than 70%
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The diagnostics in the traditional medicine is  this is what constitutes a success full results.
Therefore, it takes some time and requires accuracy! From a shamans point of view is always a malicious entity that gain access to the human energetic field and therefore all disease origin. To be diagnosed you must know what kind of energy that affects and how it behaves you have to identify who or what it is! Moreover, the behaviour of this entity seen and which way the entity has obtained access to the patient's energy field!
"Holes in the aura" denotes many nowadays that make it mouldy for a harmful energy to get admission in person energetic field The holes need to be closed through to get back a lost soul part. Extract a harmful energy without getting closed energy field it is only a matter of time before the next intrusion will happen!

All in all, belong to a shaman diagnosis questions about special events and portents a summary all the symptoms that belong to the problem entity identifiers and find the dungeon of the human energy field before one can start with the cleansing! The criteria states the symptoms a person must have in order to be sure of what form of intrusion exists!


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