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Sleep paralysis

Many people have experienced waking up in the middle of the night
while there as sleep and found that they can not move. Many people
could feel or suspect an presence in the room.
This is incredibly annoying and you be overcome totally from fear.
This group of symptoms is popularly known, especially in the medical world as "sleep paralysis".

Research believes that people can have hallucinations of various kinds when they are in sleep paralysis, such as "hypnopompa or hypnagogic hallucinations".
the characters you see in sleep paralysis are hallucinations
(projections of your subconscious)
If you also want to believe that you can do it
... if you not believing on the research then you are on the right website.

During a sleep paralysis, you are in a special state of consciousness
which makes it possible to perceive a boundary dimension.
This state of consciousness is be called "Alpha state"!

Sleep paralysis can be experienced as an incubus, succubus or another intruder
Incubus / Succubus often very strong sexual experiences, and it tends to take the form of a woman or man. It is only looking for sexual energies.
Other forms of intruders or shadow entities is a fairly known as well and they vibrate strong negatively.

Often the experiences are bound to a place.
You have to raise or clean the energy on the place or leave the place.
If the sleep paralysis is bound to a person
you're gonna be forced to extract the negative energy from the human energy field
or you need to make the energetic immune system stronger!

If you want to know that the visitor is real and you are mentaly stabil
then use a voice recorder with VCVA (prevents recording of silence)
and a webcam with motion detection and audio recording in your bedroom during the night.

Evaluation offers results!

Recording example
(Study 2012)


Sleep paralysis prevention



Clip from the documentary "Your Worst Nightmare: Supernatural Assault" 

One out of every five people across the world will experience sleep paralysis with a frightening presence once or many times in their lives. They will probably keep it to themselves for fear of being labeled crazy.
300 years ago sleep paralysis and all of its ghosts and demonic visions was common knowledge in the West. Today we assume that it doesn't exist.


The Entity - Channel 4 documentary


The Nightmare Trailer (Sleep Paralysis documentary)





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