What do you believe? How many diseases are based on, that an entity is attached to the human energy field and cause physical disease and mental problems?
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Traditional medicine

I'm targeted to heal and help with hauntings,
protection against witchcraft and investigate/resolve curses.

After an diagnosis of nearly onehundret questions
bottoms up my visible work mainley extraction or/and protectionwork.

Extraction can be done in different ways:
For example by sucking, application of cloths with herbs
by crystal extraction, cutting, egg extraction,
sonically driven, prayer/incantations, herbal bath, brushing,
flogging, scaring away intrusions to clear away the harmful energy.











To set up a protection is very individual
and goes from sculpture-protection until
strengthening of psychic atmosphere.








To reset the soul energy is always final process
by soul retrieval/ ethane recovery.
Intensive work will take up to four days and takes place in our Goahti.
If you live far away there is also the possibility to sleep in our Goahti.
For detailed information about my work-terms please check my book guide!












Ethics and Policy

I will only work after your approval!
I do not work as a medium witch means I will
not connect myself to your morphogenesis field!
I will make sure that all the information of you and your belongings
be treated discretely and will not go to further person.
I do not work for a third person who has not given me his explicit consent!
I do not work with dark forces and my allies comes from the top!



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